Rankeiso Inn|Echigo-Nagano Onsen, Sanjo Niigata Japan Association of Secluded Hot Spring Inns.

welcome to Rankeisou Inn

Where is Rankeisou Inn?

Rankeisou Inn is located near Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture.
Sanjo City is centered near the heart of Niigata prefecture, which is famously known around Japan for its production of small metal goods. Japan's longest river, the Shinano River, flows past Sanjo City and helps nourish a rich agricultural farm around the Ikarashi River.


Inn Address
Echigo-Nagano Onsen,
1450 Nagano Sanjo, Niigata, 955-0132
Email: support@rankei.com
Phone: +81-256-47-2211


Access from the nearest station < Tsubame-Sanjo Station >

We have a free shuttle bus service from Tsubame-Sanjo Station once in a day.
The bus leaves Tsubame-Sanjo(exit of Tsubame side) at 14:45.(It takes about 50 minites to RANKEISOU)
Guests arriving outside these hours, please take a taxi. The cost will be about 6,000yen.


About Rankeisou

Our Inn offers guests luxurious natural mineral baths in traditional Onsen (public or private) settings, classic Japanese cuisine as well as breath taking natural landscapes that surround the ryokan inn.
Our inn was used as a filming location for an NHK TV drama “A river, floating back to the ocean”, (Kawa Itsuka, Umi e, 2003). You can see our inn in the movie before you stay, or watch it during your visit by renting the Japanese version DVD at the front desk.


February has most snow,and we make a big snowdome and snowlight.


Room - Three Inn Experience

Rankeisou Inn consists of three separate themed experiences. →room guide (Japanese page)

The Modern Inn

The Modern Inn
The newest and largest building.
Offers beautiful scenery facing the Ikarashi River.
Each room has a Western style toilet and bath.

The Authentic Japanese Inn

The Authentic Japanese Inn
The oldest building was originally a traditional Japanese restaurant.
As per custom, there is a community bathroom provided via walkway to the Modern Inn instead of individual bathrooms in each room

The Forrest Inn

The Forrest Inn
Built for the outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, our last building is located closest to our private hot springs and forests.



Hot Springs-Onsen

Hot SpringsOur Inn is surrounded by natural sodium mineral springs which are famous locally for  helping people suffering from skin diseases, cuts, poor circulation, gynecological diseases, neuralgic pain, and shoulder stiffness.
In our lobby, you can directly drink water from our pure natural hot spring. Guests can enjoy up to natural hot springs at our Inn - the public and the private. Our public baths are segregated based on sex (i.e. male or female) and use requires  users to follow the Japanese ancient custom of  being nude (i.e. not using bathing suits) when using the baths.

Public Baths

As part of our services, we include the following amenities that can be used at our public baths:
・ Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Bar Soap, Makeup Remover, Shaving Cream
・ Razor, Shower Cap, Towel, Dryer
・ Skin Lotion(for men and women), Face Cream, Hair Tonic,
・ Q-TipsPublic Baths

Private Baths

We also offer private hot spring baths to our customers.
As part of our services, we include the following amenities that can be used at our private baths:
・ Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Bar Soap

Private Baths


Japanese Cuisine

Dinner is served in a private room. When you check in, you can request when you want to dine.


Rankeisou’s dinner is served Banquet style. You have two choices for dinner, a full course or a semi-full course. The full course includes 13 items, including a glass of aperitif (an alcoholic drink before meal)

Kids Dinner Meals
2-10 Years: Fried shrimp, Hamburg steak, Wiener, Egg, Salmon marinated with Miso, Rice ball, Fruit, Yogurt Drink
11-15 Years:Royal Fern, Raw Fish, Broiled Fish, Fried Shrimp, Crab, Steamed Egg Hotchpotch, Rice, Soup, Fruit.



Rice Porridge cooked with hot spring water, Seaweed and Salted plum, Home-made Yogurt, Raw Squid, Salmon marinated with Miso, Salad, Royal Fern, Wild Vine Juice, and Steamed Egg Hotchpotch.

Kids Breakfast Meals
2-10 Years: Sunny side Egg, Broiled Fish, Sea weed, Fruit, Rice topping, Home-made Yogurt, Wild Vine Juice, Rice, Miso Soup
11-15 Years:Rolled Egg, Broiled Fish, Raw Squid, Home-made Yogurt, Ham salad, Boiled Tofu, Wild Vine Juice, Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles

Sake in the hot spring


We serve several kinds of sake wine. Local sake, such as Kagetora, Igarashigawa, Shimeharitsuru, and Hakkaisan, are highly recommended. You can enjoy the alcohol together with your meal, or at a lobby, or even in the hot spring!